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Under 300 yen GYM | Meguro community center (Meguro Citizens Center) | Meguro, Tokyo, Japan

Finding a workout place abroad is not easy task, isn't it.

When it comes to Japan, it gets worse because the private fitness industry worships the membership based system.

On the other hands, the fitness gym in community center offers "hourly" rate (i mean per 2 hours, 3 hours, or daily usually depends on the community center you choose) and it's very cheap. 

Here is the one for you in Meguro!


cable pulley machine smith machine hip abduction adduction leg curl/extension/press dumbbell over 20kg cable lat pulldown cardio


"300 yen for 1 DAY pass"
"Cherry blossom, Meguro river"


Meguro community center (Meguro Citizens Center) is located in Meguro special ward and it is fairly close to the Meguro station of JR Yamanote-line. It is not "very" close to the station but on the way to the community center, you may be able to enjoy the sight of cherry blossom along the Meguro river if it is in the season (e.g., around March).
Meguro is popular place for registered foreign resident from U.S.A according to statistics(Ranked in No 4 for resident from U.S.A).

Residents from China comprises the most of registered foreign residents in Meguro special ward. Next is the residents from Korea, and next is the residents from U.S.A.

Gym Guide


300 yen for 1 day


It is OK size. It is not huge at all, but I myself did not feel too small.

As long as you are focus on the whatever the objective of the visit e.g., finish the training by 1 hour, do particular training menu, and so on, you should not care much about the size of the training room unless it is just too small.

The selection of the training equipment is also OK, not many though. 

Design: They got simple gym design where they got one smith machine placed in center of free-weight training area and rest are basically for weigh-stack resistance machines. 

Located on: the first floor which is the same floor as building entrance. If you enter the building or even from outside you can see the gym. The locker room is also on the same floor and they got free shower room too.

Stretch space: They got two stretch spaces inside of training room. And probably 6 to 7 people can use at the same time.

Group session: They got a space for group session outside of the training room.


  • Max dumbbell weight 20kg (44lb)
  • Barbell
  • Flat bench
  • Adjustable bench 2 (one for smith machine)

No power rack, No squat rack, No bench press, … nothing you can do for free-weight heavy training e.g., deadlift.


Enough machines for decent machine training.

  • Smith machine (weight of bar = 7kg)
  • Leg press
  • Leg curl
  • Leg extension
  • Chest press
  • Pec deck
  • Cable lat pulldown
  • Rowing machine
  • Shoulder press
  • Rear delt machine
  • Cable pulley machine
  • Abduction machine, Adduction machine
  • Abs machine
  • Biceps triceps machine



  • Dip stands
  • Abs bench
  • Back extension bench



2-Chome of Meguro City Meguro , 4th number 36

Open hours

Monday – Sunday, Public holiday 9:00-22:00


300 yen for 1 day


Water server

Locker room

Shower room (free)